California Communications Association

Robert Ringman Scholarship Fund


Robert Ringman Scholarships are available to employees and immediate family members of CalCom Telcos and Associate Members.


Download an application: RRSF Application Forms 2019



Return completed applications to:

Robert Ringman Scholarship Fund
601 University Avenue, Suite 177
Sacramento, CA 95825

Or email:
By fax:  916.922.3648

Application Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2019


Who is Robert Ringman?

Robert A. Ringman was a true telephone industry leader. He dedicated his career, spanning 40 years, to the growth and success of the telephone industry. Starting as a draftsman in 1947 and progressing to the position of president of an independent telephone company, he developed a thorough understanding of the industry. Bob Ringman was to make his most important leadership mark on the telephone industry in his “second career” beginning in 1969 as the EVP of the Oregon Independent Telephone Association (now Oregon Telecommunications Association) and then later, in 1979, with the California Independent Telephone Association (CITA) (then becoming CTA) and now CalCom. Through his association efforts, Bob was widely known and respected for his industry knowledge, his understanding of the often difficult issues, and his ability to work successfully for a viable telephone industry. Bob was the EVP of the California “Independent” Telephone Association from 1979 to his sudden death in 1988.


What is the Robert Ringman Scholarship Fund?

The Robert Ringman Scholarship Fund, formerly the “Robert A. Ringman Memorial Living Trust” was established by the California Telecommunications Group, a combined effort of the California Telephone Association (CTA) and the Independent Telephone Pioneer Association (ITPA) California Chapter. The Trust is designed to recognize the importance of education in the telephone industry family and to provide reward and incentive for family members to continue their search for educational excellence. Scholarships are awarded annually to one or more students and announced at CalCom’s Annual Conference. The Trust is established to provide scholarships on an ongoing basis. Funding for the Trust is provided through corporate and personal contributions and through part of the proceeds from golf tournaments and events held by CalCom and the Volcano Memorial Golf Tournament.


2018 Scholarship Winners

On behalf of the Robert Ringman Scholarship Board and the CalCom Board of Directors, we would like
to congratulate Matthew J. Olson as this year’s 4-year college scholarship recipient.  He currently attends
the University of California, Davis with a proposed major of Managerial Economics. Matt will graduate in
June 2019.  He has already been selected for Early Admittance to UC Davis MPAc Masters Accounting
Program (Fall, 2019). Good luck to you Matt and keep up the great work!!


We would also like to congratulate Michael D. Montgomery as the community college scholarship recipient.
He is currently attending Cerro Coso Mammoth Lakes.  He has worked very hard to achieve his goals in school,
on the job, and in his community.  His strong will and determination will take him wherever he chooses to go.
Good luck Michael – great job!!


Past Scholarship Recipients:


2018: $5,000 – Matthew J. Olson (Sponsor – Jeff Olson w/Hubbell Power Systems)
$2,500 – Michael D. Montgomery (Sponsor – Michael Montgomery w/Sierra Telephone)
2017: $5,000 – Olivia Votaw (Sponsor – Eric Votaw w/Ducor)
2016: $5,000 – Shelby Peters (Sponsor – Debbie Peters w/Sierra)
2015: $5,000 – Justice Rasmussen (Sponsor – Jim Tower w/Calaveras)
$2,500 – Jesse Parr (Sponsor- Jacob Parr w/Sierra)
2014: $5,000 – Samantha Clark (Sponsor – Eric Vargas w/Ponderosa)
2013: $5,000 – Kelsey Conklin (Sponsor – Will Meyer w/Ducor)
$5,000 – Shelby Lofy (Sponsor – Fred Lofy w/Sebastian)
2012: $5,000 – Breanna Rogue (Sponsor – Kirby Smith w/Calaveras)
$5,000 – Rebekah Benavides (Sponsor – Robert Benavides w/Ponderosa)
2011: $1,500 –Kirsten Keyser (Sponsor – Janet Burkett w/Sierra)
$1,500 –Kristen B. McLane (Sponsor – Kathy McLane w/Ponderosa)
2010: $1,500 – Joseph McMillan (Sponsor – Molly Maxwell w/Calaveras)
$   500 – Dustin Avinelis (Sponsor – Mike Avinelis w/Ponderosa)
2009: $1,500 – Jamie Wolfe (Sponsor – Eric Wolfe w/Ducor)
2008: $1,500 – Lindsay Poole (Sponsor – Sherry Colgate w/Sierra)
$   500 – Forrest Martin (Sponsor – PJ Grant w/Sierra)
2007: $1,500 – Emily Moon (Sponsor – John Willoughby w/SureWest)
“Community College” Recipient – NONE
2006: $1,500 Kristin Avinelis, (Sponsor – Mike Avinelis w/Kerman)
$   500 Elizabeth Sousa, (Sponsor – Ed Ormsbee w/Cal-Ore)