California Communications Association

Public Policy Committee


The CalCom Public Policy Committee provides CalCom Members with a forum for the timely identification, consideration, and resolution of legislative and broad industry issues. ┬áThe Committee, through the leadership of its Chairperson, CalCom Legislative Advocate, Membership, and Member consultants, will identify, discuss, and consider all relevant issues to develop a practical and reasonable resolution of legislative issues for the Members’ benefit and use.

Name Company Phone Email
Patrick Rosvall BRB Law LLP 415-518-4813
Dan Morrison Cal-Ore Telephone Co. 530-397-2211
Pam Loomis Loomis Advocacy Solutions 916-662-1011
Chad Duval Moss Adams LLP 209-955-6100
Rick Williams Ponderosa Telephone 559-868-6392
Chad Rupe Ponderosa Telephone 559-868-6322
Rhonda Armstrong Sebastian 559-846-7861
Cindy Huber Sierra Telephone 559-642-0209
Al Baumgarner Sierra Telephone 559-642-0238
Robert Griffin Sierra Telephone 559-642-1178
Russell Elliott Siskiyou Telephone 530-598-1255
Gail Long TDS Telecom 608-664-2923
Eric Votaw Varcomm 559-534-2211
Brenda Shepard Volcano Telephone 209-296-1447