California Communications Association

Public Policy Committee


The CalCom Public Policy Committee provides CalCom Members with a forum for the timely identification, consideration, and resolution of legislative and broad industry issues.  The Committee, through the leadership of its Chairperson, CalCom Legislative Advocate, Membership, and Member consultants, will identify, discuss, and consider all relevant issues in order to develop a practical and reasonable resolution of legislative issues for the Members’ benefit and use.

Name Company Phone Email
Patrick Rosvall BRB Law LLP 415-518-4813
Dan Morrison Cal-Ore Telephone Co. 530-397-2211
Mark Schreiber CWC 415-433-1900
Pam Loomis Loomis Advocacy Solutions 916-662-1011
Chad Duval Moss Adams LLP 209-955-6100
Rick Williams Ponderosa Telephone 559-868-6392
Rhonda Armstrong Sebastian 559-846-7861
Dave Clark – Chair Sebastian 559-846-4892
Cindy Huber Sierra Telephone 559-642-0209
Al Baumgarner Sierra Telephone 559-642-0238
Monika Brandle Sierra Telephone 559-642-1380
Russell Elliott Siskiyou Telephone 530-598-1255
Gail Long TDS Telecom 608-664-2923
Eric Votaw Varcomm 559-534-2211
Brenda Shepard Volcano Telephone 209-296-1447