California Communications Association

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CalCom creates opportunities to connect businesses and encourages partnerships in the telecom industry.

Membership in CalCom has tremendous benefits for all businesses associated with Communications in the state of California.  We create networking opportunities and encourage the development of strong partnerships between member companies.  CalCom has nine active committees, which continue to be the lifeblood of the association.  These committees are effective and keep the association and its membership up-to-date on their accomplishments. CalCom also actively serves our members by making sure the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and state legislators have the information they need to make decisions in our best interest.

Membership Benefits:

  • Promote your business to decision-makers through speaking opportunities, event sponsorships, and advertising opportunities
  • Participate in fun and informative networking events
  • Collaborate with experts in your industry to share best practices and find answers to questions
  • Become educated on current business models and practices that maximize return on investment
  • Empower your employees with educational and technical opportunities

As a member you will receive:

  • Your voice at the California Public Utilities Commission and in the California Legislature
  • Opportunity to participate on our numerous active committees
  • Regular updates on industry news
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with California’s ILEC management and key employees
  • Your listing in the CalCom Membership Directory

For more information on joining CalCom,  download the CalCom Marketing Brochure.

Associate Members are a wide range of suppliers who provide equipment and support services to CalCom Members.  If you’re interested in becoming an Associate Member, please complete the New-Member-Application-2017 , enclose a check in the amount of $400.00, or use the Credit Card Payment Form, and return to CalCom at the following address: CalCom, 601 University Avenue, Suite 177, Sacramento, CA 95825. You may also email the application to: